The film 2012 had a scene in which they explain a huge-ass ship with the capability to save an important part of the human race. On examining that, the American general says,

‘Only the Chinese can build something like this’.

That’s the reputation China used to have. And it has lived up to that reputation yet again.

China is building Asia’s first vertical forest. The project is called ‘The Nanjing Towers’ and it is supposed to produce 60 kg oxygen every day.

china vertical forest

These Nanjing towers will be constructed in the Nanjing city of china and are intended to tackle the frightening Carbon Dioxide levels. The quality of Oxygen will be 3000 times fresh and purer than the one we usually breathe.

The Nanjing Towers will have nearly 1,100 trees that cover 23 local species and can meet a plantable area of 60,000 square feet. 25 tons of Carbon Dioxide absorption is what these towers are expected to give to the city.

Italian architect “Stefano Boeri” is the master who will design this impressive marvel. The towers will stand at a brilliant height of 656 feet and 354 feet.china vertical forestStefano has already implemented two such towers in his own nation in the city of Milan. They are called “The Bosco Verticale” and he is also preparing to open one up in Switzerland.

Out of the two towers that are designed for China, the taller one will have an open terrace club, offices, a museum and an architectural school. The smaller one will have a Hyatt hotel with 247 rooms.

china vertical forest

Nanjing towers are expected to be ready by 2018 and this attempt by China vertical forest is a good example of giving something back to the environment.

H/T: IndiaTimes

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