Does masturbation affect health?

Does sex and masturbate affect on your health? That’s the topic to discuss. This blog covers all the things you need to know about it. So, when we talk about “sex” what hormone we talk about? We are talking about hormone which is testosterone. Testosterone is the number one male hormone, and that’s the same hormone for muscle building and fat loss. Testosterone is the powerful men’s hormone which is used for sex, muscle building, and fat loss. Now, what’s the science behind it? When you masturbate or when you do sex, the sperm gets out from your system and the sperm which body takes around 24 hr to 48 hrs to reproduce the sperm again. So, your body is reproducing the sperm. The primary things of your body are to produce sperm first and not muscle building or fat loss so when you masturbate or when the sperms come out, your body reproduce them in those 24-48 hours and then your body starts the process of muscle building and fat loss. If you are doing it every day or every other day, your body is delaying the process because you are not giving your testosterone a chance to build a muscle where testosterone is busy in reproduction. So it is delaying the process for weeks and months if you are doing like the day, weeks and months your body is delaying the goal, and this is a bit problem going on with the teenagers and lot of people who are doing it every day on a daily basis or every other day. So, lot many people ask..

How many times can you have sex or masturbate?

And Does masturbation affect health? If you do twice a week or thrice a week is perfect because you are giving your testosterone chance to produce sperm and once your body produce sperm, your body is going towards your goals whatever goals you have like muscle building or fat loss. If you do every third day or every 48 hours or 72 hours your body will also build muscles, so you are using testosterone both sides building muscles and having sex, very simple. So twice a week is a number which is very healthy and perfect for everyone who wants to build muscle, who wants to lose weight or who wants to lose body fat or any kind of individual goals you have twice a week is perfect, if you are sportsmen or an athlete it won’t affect your endurance and strength level. So more you have sex or masturbate, it will affect your strength and endurance. Lots of people in fitness like a bodybuilder, fitness models or anybody who has serious goals or athletes, NBA or basketball player or any kind of player in any sport. They are probably once or twice a week maximum because they are also using their hormone for strength and endurance which is very important because the more you do you will be weaker inside and that’s the biggest side effect.

So, Does masturbation affect health?

Yes, it does only when you do too much sex or too much masturbate. But if you do it in a plan like once or twice a week, have fun and don’t worry about your health because it’s very important part of life. Everything in life you do too much has a side effect.If you are eating too much whey protein, too many eggs, you are driving too much, you are sleeping too much, or if you are running too much, everything too much has a side effect in the world. So keep it limit, it’s not going to affect, but you are doing every day or every alternate day you are hindering your muscle building or fat loss. So, here is the answer for your question Does masturbation affect health? Do it once a week or twice a week. It’s not going to affect at all. Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more fitness motivational videos and health info.




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