Game Of Thrones The Mountain Diet

game of thrones the mountain diet
game of thrones the mountain diet meal

“Game Of Thrones” star The mountain has an insane meat and egg-fueled diet. Icelandic strongman Hafpor Julius Bjornsson born 26th November 1988 is an Icelandic professional strongman, actor and also former professional basketball player. His height 6’9” and weighs almost 400 pounds. Hafthór Júlíus is his an Icelandic name. Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson named as The Mountain in Game Of Thrones has revealed his daily meal plans on Instagram. He stood 3rd in world’s strongest man competition 2016.

 He consumes more than four kilograms of food a day,  including at least 14 eggs ingested over nine meals in between his workouts. He starts his day at 6.50am with a handful of almonds. Some glutamine and branched-chain amino acid bodybuilding supplements followed by just 30 minutes cardio and Hardcore workout. His breakfast at 7:30 am includes EIGHT eggs, along with fruits, oats, blueberries, strawberries and avocado and his 2nd breakfast at 9:30 am consist of 32 ounces of beef and 400gm of sweet potatoes with some fruits and greens. Just two hours later he throws sweet potatoes or 50 gm, Oats, two bananas Frozen berries,150g Kelloggs Rice Krispie, peanut butter, handful almonds, peanut butter and glutamine all into a blender and drinks it down. A half hour later with the four meals inside his stomach, he heads for his strongman workout training. Taking more supplements as he does. In the evening at 5:30 pm he takes 60gm of protein with two bananas, followed one hour later with 500 gm of beef with greens and potatoes. Then at 8:30 pm it’s another 500gm of sweet potatoes and 500 gm of salmon and after giving that a couple of hours to go down he swallows another six white eggs with almonds, peanut butter, and avocados. He also adds lots of water and juices throughout the day to get more calories! The end of a day he will have consumed over 14 eggs. He eats nine times a day. And he works continuously. That’s all about the game of thrones the mountain diet.




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