Solution For How to get rid of man boobs?
how to get rid of man boobs

This is most common asked questions by many people how to get rid of man boobs called as gynecomastia. It is nothing but the breast enlargement in the male. Lots of people are struggling in there. So, this article gives you all the information you need to know, why it happens, reason, alternates, and tips.
Let us first clear you that Male produces Testosterone. It’s the number #1 hormone in males and produces very less estrogen whereas #1 hormone for the female is estrogen and they produce less testosterone. What happens is when male hormone testosterone drops down and secondary hormone estrogen raises up, too much estrogen in the body cause hormone imbalance and as a result, your breast tissues gets enlarge because with estrogen your breast grows that’s the reason why females have more estrogen, and they have breast. So, when the male gets too much estrogen then they start producing man boobs, and that is nothing but Gynecomastia. So the main reason is that of low primary hormone and high secondary cause the problem.
So how your testosterone gets low?
Bad eating lifestyle, unhealthy lifestyle, drinking, too much fried food, salt, and fatty food, that is the reason your main hormone drops down then breast enlargement gets started which a lot of people facing it. So, how to fix it? Stop eating Bad food which is oily and salty and start eating good food. Your hormone needs good food. If you want to boost up your hormones, then you have to eat good food. You have to eat clean and healthy diet and do your regular workouts. This is the really simple way to balance the hormones. If your testosterone is low then you won’t be able to lose fat, you won’t be able to lose weight and build muscles at all because your primary hormones are responsible for fat loss and muscle building. So, the decrease in testosterone leads to Gynecomastia because your body is producing too much estrogen. So start working out and start eating healthy food and train your chest twice a week including supersets and exercises like flyes, DB presses, dips, pushups, barbell press, you have to incorporate all the chest exercises in the schedule twice a week. If still nothing happened then see your doctor you may need a surgery. There is no solution. The first solution is diet and exercise and second is surgery so you have to choose what you want. Start eating healthy and cut down alcohol. There is no need to stop drinking, it’s just cut it down, make a limit just once a while which will be good for your hormones and you can get rid of chest fat, So this is all the information you need to have and follow it. Hope you got the information.
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