How To Grow Weak Muscle

Many of them do not train their weak muscles, so this blog is for them who need to know how important it is to train your weak muscles. Everybody has a weak muscle, and if you do not train them, it becomes weaker, so you need to train them which is the first rule you need to now.

Some muscles take the time to grow, but all you need is patience. Many of them ignore their weak muscles and over the time 1, 2, five years that weak muscle becomes weaker and other training muscles become bigger in that case your body goes out of symmetry or proportion that is a pretty common problem in all. So,

How can you make that muscle equal to other muscle?

Initially whatever weak muscle part you have just train them twice a week i.e. Monday and Thursday. Let’s take an example chest is your weak muscle so train them on Monday and Thursday. Do heavy chest workout on Monday around 6-8 reps and on Thursday do the same exercise but different reps that are around 12-15 reps almost double. So, train your weak muscle, the second thing you need to know is to add an extra meal to your diet. The day you train your week muscle get up one hour early from your regular schedule and sleep one hour late. So you will get two extra hours to grow the muscle, there you will add one extra meal so, Monday and Thursday you will add one extra meal in your diet, with that you will consume 500 calories a day, and also you are exercising and giving extra diet that day then that muscle will grow. It takes time to grow weak muscles equal to other muscles, it’s so about genetics, but you can do it with hard work.Lot if people think themselves as a weak because of genetics, but that is the wrong approach unless you don’t try it everything is possible.So, no need to give up so easily, genetics does matter, but it’s hardly 1%, and hard work is 99% behind your weak muscles. So hard work is a must for your weak muscles. These are the two approaches you need to follow, Train your muscles twice a week and add an extra meal to your diet. A lot of people who been working out from 2, 5, ten years still their lots of muscles are weak.It’s never too late, so start training your muscles from now and don’t hide it or that weakness will backfire you then it’s hard to fix it later. You just think if your all wall of your houses are strong except two walls are weak then what could happen? There is a lot of chances of that wall to fall later on, so you have a chance to make those walls equal to other walls so that house will be strong from all sides and you won’t be fear anymore. So your muscles are same as your house. Do train your muscles and hope you got the answer for how to grow weak muscle. Comment below for your queries and suggestions.

Quote of the Day:
The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.
– Quote By Arnold Schwarzenegger




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