How to sit in front of a computer for 2-3 hours without any breaks

improve posture sitting at your computer

1. Adjust the height of desk and chair respectively so that your arm forms a right angle when you keep your hand over the keyboard while sitting on the chair.

2. Adjust the height of the chair, so that heel of your foot is conveniently placed on the floor. Also, keep the center of leg weight not on the chair but on the feet while resting on the chair.

3. Adjust back of the chair so that your waist is straight while you sit on the chair in front on the Pc or Laptop. Use proper good condition chair with a comfortable back to prevent any physical pain as you sit on the chair for a long time.

4. Don’t use phone kept on the shoulder while you sit on the chair. Alternatively, you can use headsets for convenient phone conversation without causing any strain on shoulders.

5. When using a laptop or portable computing devices – don’t lie down in bed or on the floor while using them. Also, avoid placing the laptop on your lap – this can result in extreme heat and may cause burning sensation.  If possible, always use them in proper position while resting on a chair with a laptop placed on the table.

Check the video below to understand how exactly you can improve posture sitting at your computer





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