Is Soy Good for Health?
is soy good for health


Various soy products like Soybeans, Soya nuts, Soya Paneer (Tofu), Soya milk, Soya supplements. Soya products are the source of estrogen which is a female hormone. So here are the things you need to know that does soya affects sexual interest? Does is affect erectile function? Does it drop testosterone levels?

So, Is soy good for health? Common answers for all “ Yes it affects” if you consume more soya beans or any soya products a day. You’ll definitely lose interest in Sex, and also testosterone levels may drop. The test has been carried out in research center by National Center for Biotechnology information(NCBI). The test was done on the 19-year-old guy for one year by adding soya products in his diet. The results after one year were like he lost his sexual interest and after removing the soya products from his diet, he regained his sexual interest. So sex desire does drops after adding soya products into your diet.

Our body contains enzymes called reductase. It converts testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). SO when you are into soy diet, your body is in the process of converting it into estrogen. And more estrogen levels will affect by decreasing sex drive, possibilities of man boobs also increase in more DHT will risk of getting hair loss and your muscle building process also slows down. Because testosterone is the primary male hormone. So make sure mo more estrogen is produced in your body which is not good.  SO testosterone is important hormone for your hair, sex drive, muscle building and fat loss.

How much Soya is safe?

15-25 gms of soy per day is safe to have.  So if you consume more than 15-25 gms of soya per day, then you will see side effects in coming days.




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