Sometimes it’s also good to get hurt on your heart for great future and this statement fits correctly to Harshi Suraweera. Harshi (29) got very emotionally hurt when her friend uploaded a group photo on the Facebook.

Lost 42 Kilos In only 10 Months

It was very shocking for her that people started posting negative comments on her appearance for being obese. This incident forced Harshi to bring a transformation in her life and she was willing to give 100 percent from her side.

Lost 42 Kilos In only 10 Months

Harshi, who is primarily from Sri Lanka but lives in Melbourne.She has told Daily Mail – Australia that only in the first Ten months of her fitness regime, she lost 43 Kgs of her weight which made her reached to 64 Kgs from 107 Kgs.




Here’s what she wrote on her blog,

“My first step to changing my lifestyle started with a certain photo on Facebook. A friend uploaded a group photo, and I got a lot of negative comments about the way I looked. I was devastated and depressed. But I decided to take the first step to changing my body from that day onwards.”


She started training at gym where she used to do cardio for 2-3 hours a day. Harshi says, “It was really difficult. I would always go the gym really late, because at that time it was quiet, and I would go to the corner and do my cardio.” However, after few weeks, the transformation was visible in her and it motivated her to carry on with the good work.


She also discussed her eating habits,

“I used to eat a lot of rice and pizza, curry, junk food. I would easily eat two pizzas and a litre of Coke a day. I was addicted to food, it was not normal.”


She found that weight loss is not possible until the diet is healthy  and nutritional, her latest diet includes salads and proteins. This is the tip that she gives to all people who want to lose their weight, “Avoid all sugars and processed foods.”


Since 2011, after losing 43 Kilos, she has been working strong to keep her body toned. She made some changes in her fitness regime by shifting over to weight lifting which supports in giving the body a muscular shape. As a result, now she can squat 120 kilos and dead lift 130 kilos.


Just lately, Harshi took to Instagram to share her pics of both phases and very soon she has made more than 70k followers. There were some who appreciate her for efforts while few slammed her by saying that the two girls in before-after pics are not same.


She said, “That’s true people can’t recognize me, even my mom couldn’t recognize me.”

According, to Harshi, change in her skin tone is due to healthy and clean eating and as far as negative statement about her fake pics are concerned, the marks on the skin are identical in before-after pics.


She also feels that due to her weight loss, an opinion of people towards her has also changed. In her words,

“The ugly truth is that people approach me more often than when I was overweight. People are more friendly towards me. While it has changed my whole life I think it is a good change. It has mainly changed my outlook, but it didn’t change who I was on the inside.”


I’m sure the story of Harshi will give you much-needed inspiration for losing your fat and weight.


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