Pre and Post Workout Food Tips By
Mr. India Sangram Chougule

Many people are confused with the pre and post workout meals. So here is the solution for you by 7 Times National Champion and 2 Times World Championship’s Gold Medalist ” Sangram Chougule.”

According to Sangram “Protein is necessary for building muscles, so you need to consume protein before your workout. While doing your exercise, you need energy, which you will get from carbohydrates. To sustain your workouts for a longer period needs complex carbs which you will get from Chicken, Eggs, Oatmeal, Brown bread. So you can have protein and carbs combination before your workout which will indirectly sustain your workout for a long time. Later on after exercise all your energy get lost and glycogen get depleted. So, to boost glycogen you need to consume simple carbs which are found in rice, fruits and protein shake.

So it’s very simple, according to Mr. India Sangram Chougule here is what you need to take care of when it comes to pre and post workout food, before the workout you need complex carbs and protein, whereas after the workout you need simple carbs and protein shake.




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