Top seven Things that Happening day to day life in your body

The human body is a complicated machine; the complexity being much higher than anything than we have ever created. And while many of its functions can easily be explained, also there are many others which require a more complex logic.

So today we, at Indian Fitness Mantra, take cases of seven of such strange functions of the human and try explaining the reason behind it.

#1 Hiccups

Things that Happening day to day life in your body

Hiccups do not come with a warning, completely out of the blue and can quickly become bothersome for all of us. But did you know that they are a part of our body’s defense mechanism? Yes, hiccups are there to signify problems in your brain, spinal cord or any of your structures around the diaphragm. It also occurs when we consume food very quickly, over eat or swallow large pieces of food,  which in turn irritates our pneumogastric nerve.

#2 Sneezing

Things that Happening day to day life in your body

Sneezing is nothing but our body’s way of getting free of dust, allergens, microbes, or other irritants that fill our nasal portion sometimes. This is how the body gets rid of the ‘trash.’

#3 Wrinkling of Skin

Things that Happening day to day life in your body

Such wrinkling of skin happens it gets exposed to a lot of moistures. With the increased amount of moisture, our smart body understands that the conditions might be slippery and, hence, quickly begins to change in a way that will make it simple for you to grip smooth surfaces.

#4 Goosebumps

ghoose bumps

It is very normal for anyone to get goosebumps when exposed to cold winds. However, what many not know is that goosebumps happen to reduce the amount of heat our bodies drop through the pores of our skin. The appearance of goosebumps makes it simple to warm personally in such climatic conditions.

#5 Loss of Memory

loss of memory

Believe it or not but most cases of memory loss have been reported after the person has had an obnoxious experience, making many believe that memory losses are our body’s way of deleting the most horrifying moments from our memories.

#6 Jolts in Sleep

jolts in sleep

It is very normal for people to have a sense of falling while in sleep. While a few get the experience quite regularly, others don’t. But for all of us, it is a part of the defense mechanism of our body. Studies explain that when we begin to fall asleep, the regularity of our breathing rapidly falls. This results in falling of the pulse rate, which the brain interprets as heralding death. So it tries to save you by giving you a jolt to wake up.

#7 Stretching


An action as easy as the stretching of our body has an explanation too. It works on our muscles fibers, restoring the blood flow & improves our mood.

These are the 7 Things that Happening day to day life in your body You Never Knew Were For A Reason. It is normal, and there are not such things to worry when it occurs.





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