Why LEGS WORKOUT So Important?

According to the survey, lots of people, especially in India around 70% to 80%, don’t train their Legs. So, let us tell you that it’s the biggest muscle group in your body and the biggest mistake you are making by not training them. If you want to develop your body fully, then training legs are must don’t ignore it at all. By training legs, your body releases a natural hormone called Testosterone (as Explained in previous Blogs).Which are MALE muscle building hormone and crucial hormone for male whereas for female important hormone is estrogen which will be discussed in our further blogs.

When you do squats,  leg press, lunges and mostly all the movement of legs including dead lifts, your body releases a natural hormone which works to build muscles. A lot of people have an upper body good enough, but their lower body is weak. Your body should be in symmetric and proportion which is most important. The reason why legs workout is so important, Wherever you go your legs take you that place, not arms or chest so don’t ever make such mistake by not training them. It’s a bigger muscle group in your body like (quadriceps, hamstring, and calves) which play an important role in boosting your hormone for muscle building.

Reasons why you should not skip Leg day

  1. You will burn more calories

If ever you want to bang for your buck at the gym it all starts with legs. Legs are the bigger muscles in your body. Challenging these larger muscles needs more energy which means your body will burn more calories.

  1. Reduce your risk of injury

Lower body strength could also be the difference between staying a game and getting injured. Performing functional exercises like squats, leg press, lunges, promotes stability in the knee. According to American Council on Exercise is your best bet to prevent an ACL tear.

  1. You will run faster and longer

Strength-based exercises like deadlifts and squats will help you to develop hip which is the major source of injury, in particular for runners. Research proved that strength training could be useful to give endurance athletes a leg up in the competition.

  1. You will increase your metabolism

Leg day will not only make you are speedier on tracks, but it can also boost your metabolism. There is no such secret that lifting weights will help athletes build & maintain muscle mass and when your body composition has more muscle, “your whole engine runs faster.”

  1. You will improve your balance.

Giant biceps are no match for a patch of sidewalk ice. But, having a strong enough lower body just might help you avoid a wipeout. Exercises like deadlifts, leg press, lunges will increase your stability, develop your proprioception and assist you in ready for anything.

Hope you got the information why legs workout so important and the benefits of training your legs.




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