We must accept that we have failed over and over again in losing weight, the reason being that 99% of dietitians and physicians are taking the wrong approach to nutrition.

If you cleared these 3 myths, you are 3 steps closer to your weight loss journey.

# Myth 1: Count Your Calories to Lose Weight

Missing meals kills your metabolism. Calories in and calorie out is the worst approach to fat loss. You need all the calories for various functions inside the body like body temperature, brain functioning, breathing, exercising etc. Let’s understand with examples

Right now your weight is constant at 75 Kgs and you burn and consume 2500 calories per day. Your metabolism is adjusted to burning 2500 calories.

You want to lose weight. Now you started consuming 2000 calories. Your brain will get less energy, your hand and feet would be cold, you lack motivation etc. You will lose some weight here which you do not know is muscle weight or water weight.

Seeing all the symptoms and running out of willpower you resumed to consuming 2500 calories. But your metabolism is now adjusted to 2000 calories. You will start storing these 500 calories and will become FAT.

Also, metabolism slows with the age. That’s why people start gaining weight with age. But there are strategies, to reset the metabolism to the fire mode to burn all that calories.

# Myth 2: Fat Makes You Fat

The biggest medical history scam was “Low Fat”. You must eat Fat to lose fat. How? This is all linked to cravings and snacking.

If you consume a meal full of Healthy Fat and Proteins you are less likely to snack. Snacking is what makes you Fat and not the meals. You should adjust the fat intake according to you should be able to go at least 4 hours between the meals.

If you are not able to go without food, 4 hours between the meals this means you should increase fat and protein intake in the meal.

Also, people who snack a lot are prone to Diabetes, because every time you snack even if it is healthy you tap your pancreas to release insulin and due to continuous presence of insulin in the blood you become Insulin resistant ( Diabetes )

Insulin is a fat storing hormone. High and continuous Level of Insulin leads to Diabetes ( Diabetes + Obesity )

Also, our brain is made of 60% Fat. Our brain needs healthy essential fatty acids to function properly. The first thing that we lose when our brain is suffering from low calories is our analytical thinking. Who wants to be dumb in the room?

Whenever I encounter an Alzheimer’s patient, I recommend them Omega 3 tablet immediately.

Also, fat is needed to make healthy cholesterol. Our all hormones are made from this healthy cholesterol. Healthy Fat will heal you, will trim your waistline and will give you more energy.

# Myth3: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I have not eaten breakfast for 6 years, also not in my pregnancy. As soon as you get up, your body releases a soup of hormones in the blood that make your blood sugar levels at par even without food. This means you should not eat breakfast if you are not hungry and take the first meal of the day as soon as you are hungry.

Various studies confirmed that people who miss breakfast are less likely to snack whole day and the people who ate breakfast snacked and gained weight comparative higher.

If you are hungry in the morning, try to consume just fats and proteins. Never eat carbs in the morning.

Integrate the above strategies and your weight will drop, metabolism will be active again and you will have all the energy to do various tasks.

Try the above 3 strategies just for a week and write me on my facebook or youtube channel, if you feel lighter. If you do, I will share next 3 weight loss Myths that keep people fat and sick.

Palak Midha: www.palaknotes.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9FmSTPVGKkDTXkMc04VEjg
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