Akshay Kumar Delivers a Good Message For Schools Teaching Self-Defence To Girls

Akshay Kumar Delivers a Good Message

The recent directive from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) made it mandatory for all schools associated to it, to give at least 45 minutes of self-defence training every day to all the girls in the school. This left our very own Mr. Khiladi happy who also runs a martial arts school for girls in Mumbai.

Expressing his satisfaction, he said,

“This has been a dream come true for me. Given the times that we live in, self-defence is an important skill to have and should be made compulsory for girls in every school. I congratulate the CBSE Chairman, Seshu Kumar, for making this happen.”

He is now expecting that private schools also do the same very soon. He added,

“Self-defence is important for one’s safety and I will continue to promote it diligently till it’s implemented everywhere.”

We praise the progressive move by the CBSE & stand aligned with Akshay Kumar’s take on the matter. When asked if he’ll give the same training to his own daughter, the four-year-old Nitara, he smiled and said, “For sure”.

Well said Akshay Kumar. You are really a rockstar in every sense of the word.





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