How to increase sperm count

fitness mantra to increase sperm


An important topic for all the guys. The first thing you need to know that the count of your sperm should be 40 million. If your sperm count is less than 39 million, then it is the low sperm count. So, in this blog, we’ll discuss everything related to sperm count. How to increase it? What to avoid? Etc. So, when it comes to male fertility, sperm count is all about male fertility.

Many of them facing low sperm count issues which is affect your baby planning or next-generation planning. According to research, 40 percent couple all over the world are unable to plan a baby because 40% men have less sperm count and 60% due to other reasons, it could be female involved. It is misunderstood that only women are responsible for not producing a baby. Men are also responsible due to low sperm count.

If you’re planning to count your sperm you can go to the laboratory or hospital and do your sperm count test. It’s a number one fertility test which will let you know your actual sperm count.

Male Reproductive System.


  1. Quantity 
  2. Quality 
  3. Motility

As discussed earlier you need 40 million sperm count. Low quantity sperm count will not help you to produce a baby. Factors affecting your sperm count are stress, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking etc

If you have a good quantity, make sure your quality is also good. The quality of your sperm should be 4% correct. Which means 4% of your sperm count should have correct structure shape. The head of the sperm should be an oval shape and have a tail below. If you found your sperm shape structure having oval shape and tale below as shown in the above image then it is good quality sperm.

Motility refers to the movement of the sperm. The sperm should move in forwarding direction. During intercourse when you ejaculate. The movement of the sperm towards the egg sometimes doesn’t reach the egg due to bad mortality. 40% motility of your sperm should be good.

If above all given factors are up to the mark, then it is called a male good reproductive system.

Best way to produce healthy sperm

If you have done sperm count test any you found out your sperm count is less. You can try following things which will help you to increase your sperm count.


  1. Add multivitamin supplement 
  2. Eat sperm boosting foods (banana, garlic, walnuts, eggs, broccoli) 
  3. Add Antioxidant foods in your diet 
  4. Manage stress 
  5. Watch your weight


How To Protect your fertility


  1. Avoid Smoke 
  2. Limit Alcohol 
  3. Avoid Drug 
  4. Avoid Steroids 

If you want to have a good quality, quantity and motility sperm then you should avoid smoke, limit alcohol consumption, avoid drugs and steroids. So, if you’re planning for a baby, this blog will help you a lot. Comment below for your queries.




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