Is supporter necessary for Gym?
is supporter necessary for gym

Let’s discuss the topic ” is supporter necessary for the gym? ” Many of the beginners who are new into gym do have these types of questions. The supporter is called as a ‘langot’ in India, so do we need to wear langot or supporter in the gym? Yes or no? Before suggesting yes or no, let us give you all the details so that you yourself can decide whether you really need it or not. During old days Wrestler in India called as “pehlwan” in Hindi used to wear supporters while working out or during the competition just because they lift heavy things like lifting heavy stones or lifting an opponent in the competition. So,

Why do they use to wear and why does your trainer recommend you to wear?

Well, while lifting the heavy weights, you put pressure on your stomach. People who have a weak abdominal wall then they have a chance of getting Hernia with the pressure. Let us clear you that it is not necessary to wear the supporter only if your abdominal walls are regular or strong enough then don’t need to wear that. According to survey you won’t find anyone wearing supporter while working out in USA

Clarification: One who has a weak abdominal wall and lifts heavy weights or object which will put pressure on his intestine and it may come out because of heavy pressure which causes a hernia. It will cause you only when your abdominals are weak. If your abdominals are regular or strong enough it doesn’t matter how much you lift, you won’t get a hernia and you don’t need a supporter. If we take a ratio 3 people from 100 who have weak abdominal walls, when theses 3% people unknowingly and with incorrect form lifts heavy weights like lifting dumbbell, doing squats, heavy deadlifts, heavy overhead dumbbell anything lifting from the ground cause pressure on your abdominal wall which having weak abdominal wall causes intestine dislocate and comes out which a cause hernia. Even those 3% people will cause a hernia even after using supporter, and if your abdominal walls are strong, it doesn’t matter you wear supporter or not you won’t cause a hernia. So, wearing supporters which people recommend you is to prevent from a hernia.

For Beginner: If you are beginners, do not lift heavy weights at the beginning, to lift heavy first you need to develop your base that means you need to increase your weight slowly and gradually. So increasing weights slowly and gradually helps your muscle tissues on your lower abdominal gets strong that is your abdominal wall gets strengthen. So you have to make it stronger slowly increasing your weights helps your abdominal getting strong and when you do it slowly. So, when you do this for 6 months or 1 year or more than that which helps you to get your abdominal strong, and you won’t have any changes of getting hernia.

Things to keep in mind: You need to strengthen your core that is your abdominal area so that it won’t cause hernia to you and you don’t need to wear any supporter. People who have hernia or done with hernia surgery have to wear supporter to tighten up your abdominal area. People who’s abdominal walls are weak they have a chance of getting hernia is 99% so make sure your abdominal wall you make it strong by lifting and developing your base slowly and gradually which will strengthen your abdominals then you won’t need any supporter and won’t cause hernia. Hope you got the information about ” is supporter necessary for Gym? ” Please share and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram





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