TOP 3 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat

Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint.  So, some people metabolize food super fast and other people it’s little bit slower. This metabolism of food is essential for your body taking what you’ve eaten, breaking it down and convert it into energy. The faster your body does this, less likely you going to be actually stored what you have consumed as fat.  The slower your body metabolizes food, the more are you actually to store as body fat. Another key component to the metabolism puzzle is something called BMR( Basil Metabolic Rate), and that also is unique to us as an individual. Your Basil Metabolic Rate is how many calories you need to rest or how many calories does your body needs the daily basis. Figure out how many calories you need because that is what at all boil down to it.

Let’s talk about metabolism, as it relates to lose body fat and getting leaner because a lot of people are struggling and if they just knew these three simple things they could do to speed it up. There’s a lot of noise about metabolism on the internet and everywhere else. These three things have worked for so many people as per our experience and survey also helped them lose body fat. So, here are the top 3 ways to boost your metabolism.

Metabolism Boosting Tips

#1 Spread your calories throughout your day

It’s wrong you consume the required amount of daily calorie in one meal. The most of the result for fat loss found when the metabolism calories have been spread-out throughout the day.


#2 Eat more frequent meals
top 3 ways to boost your metabolism

So, when you eat one meal, and then you go 12 to 24 hours without eating.  Your body actually slows down your metabolism to try and conserve calories. So it’s not going to process them fast. When you keep eating small frequent meals your body actually get rid of what you ate earlier and hold on to what you ate in current meal  and again 3 hrs of frequent meal you BANG with another meal so more calories, now your body is freaking out “ this is sweet, I’ve all these calories, and I don’t need to hang on to him” so your metabolism is speeding fast here.

#3 Build More Muscle
top 3 ways to boost your metabolism

A pound of muscle uses 50 calories a day. So, if you increase your lean muscle mass by 10 pounds that are, in addition, your body is going to burn and is requiring a day in order to keep things rolling.


These are the three simple tips that you can use to speed up your metabolism. The idea is to spread your meals out, spread your calories out and increase your lean muscle mass. By this way, your body is going to be a calorie burning machine.




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