Looking for deep penetration or a short? Here are Kamasutra Positions For you



This position is a comfortable position to get started & one you’ve probably never thought to try.

In this Sammukha position, she leans back against a wall while standing &  separates her legs as wide as she can while you enter her. This position does lower her a bit, so shorter lady may require standing on something—like a long ottoman—and the taller person may have to kneel if she’s flexible.

Despite this position might seem a little uncomfortable at first, it’s an amazingly passionate and romantic position gratitude to all the eye contact, says Eric M. Garrison, a sex expert and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex. As she’s taking the support of a wall, this position also offers some of the deepest penetration possible.






This position will probably require some additional gym time, but it’s worth it.

In this Janukurpara position, you lift her up, locking your elbows under her knees & gripping her ass with your hands while she places her arms behind your neck to hold on. This epic position allows extra-deep penetration, lots of eye contact &  it has the added advantage of making you look like a champ.

“A lot of acrobatic positions offer just bragging rights, but some offer bragging rights and pleasure,” says Garrison. “

This Position is good for great penetration, and can be the reward for a time in the gym.”






As Garrison notes, acrobatic doesn’t significantly mean pleasure. Ths position is a pleasant, laid-back position that you can do any time—even on a leg workout days.

In this Piditaka position, she rests on her back & pulls her knees into her breast, resting her feet on your chest as you kneel in front of her. With your knees on either side of her hips, you raise her hips onto your thighs, entering inside and kissing her at the same time.

Your girl ‘ll feel tighter in this position since her vagina is narrowed when her legs are up, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., Astroglide’s resident sexpert. Also, she can press her legs together or cross her ankles, increasing pressure for both of you.

“Piditaka is great for those into positions allowing female vulnerability,” says Fulbright. “For those seeking the auspiciousness of the KamaSutra even more, the guy can draw her feet up to touch his mouth and forehead, conveying tenderness, humility, and devotion.”





This position isn’t that bizarre; you might just know it by the different name: “The Reverse Cowgirl.” It is the position that you can see in lot of porn films but not so much in daily sex—but it should be.

Since Virsha is a “girl on top” pose, it makes her feel strong, sexy and in control, while still giving you an epic view of her nice butt, Fulbright says.

In this Virsha position, you sleep flat on your back while she rests her vagina or kneels on top of you, facing your feet. She lowers herself onto you & leans forward, gripping your ankles giving you an awesome feeling and a view.

“Virsha is Sanskrit for a bull, and, as easy as it sounds, it’s no bull when I say that this is very tough,” says Garrison. “Even the professional can’t master it without practice—and what better reason to have lots of sex!”





This position is the ideal position for a quickie because it doesn’t allow for intense penetration, but it does provide for “short and fast” fun, says Garrison.

In this Tripadam position, you both stand face to face. You put your palm under one of her knees and elevate it off the floor, turning the two of you into a “tripadam”—or a tripod—and enter into her while standing. (This position serves best if both of you are around the same height.)

The advantage to this move, like all standing positions, is that you both get highest blood flow to your erogenous zones for sexual function, says Garrison.




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