What is Cholesterol?
what is cholesterol

Cholesterol, you might have heard or know about this, but still, many of more people do not know anything about cholesterol. So, Cholesterol is of two types, good cholesterol, and other bad cholesterol, so lets discuss bad cholesterol first, so the first thing you need to know is the excessive amount of cholesterol leads to heart problems. Cholesterol is the reason behind the people suffering from heart disease.

Cholesterol comes from the bad fat which is not the good source of fat. Bad fats like consuming bad oil, cheap oils in the market, dairy products (full-fat milk, cream, full paneer), egg yolk, meat, etc. which forms bad cholesterol in your body and make you prone to heart diseases down the road. So, these entire things are added to Indian diet like dairy; meat, oil is the reason to increase the cholesterol slowly and steadily which leads to heart diseases, hear problems or heart attack. Whatever  bad cholesterol you are eating now won’t  affect now as you are young like if you are the 20’s,25’s and 30’s, but it will affect later when you are into your 40’s and 50’s you will understand that the life of your heart has been low because your heart did not consume health food.

So, Cholesterol is the major reason for heart diseases, The arteries of your heart gets blocked. So, avoid eating bad cholesterol like bad oil, whole meat or whole dairy product.

What to replace bad cholesterol?

Its good cholesterol you have to replace. Good cholesterol like olive oil, coconut oil, these are expensive for sure, but they are heart friendly oils, use low fat milk even if you prepare yogurt, use of low-fat milk is a must. The other good cholesterol you need to know is the chicken breast. It’s a fat-free meat with low cholesterol, so no risk of heart diseases. You can also have nuts which aren’t roasted or salted are good cholesterol which you can add into your diet. These are the changes you need to take care of which is important for you and your family. If you want to keep your life healthy, make sure you keep your heart healthy. So, whatever bad fat, bad food which is soon affecting you for sure. Whatever you eat is bad or good depends on what you eat. You won’t realize now if you are having bad fat, cheap oils, full-fat dairy product but coming 5-10 years, you may be in trouble.So, here is advice for you, keep yourself always or avoid from bad cholesterol even though you are doing workouts or not. Our aim is to see you and your family healthy.




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