what to eat before and after gym?

One of the frequently asked questions and many people get confused about what to eat during pre workout and post workout. It depends on the goal of an individual whether he/she wants to build muscles or lose fat.

If you are looking to lose fat

You need to follow certain things before an exercise. One hour before your exercise, you need to consume protein and carb based diet; here you no need to consume fat because fat slows your digestive system. You don’t want food sitting in your stomach during your workout. So, the reason why you need protein before your workout is that your muscles won’t get a break and your body remains in an anabolic state during exercise because protein contains amino acids which help you to prevent muscle breakdown.
Proteins like egg whites (no yolk) which saves your muscles during your exercise and carbohydrates (source of energy) will provide you fuel (glucose) for your workouts. So, amino acids and glucose you will get it from protein and carbohydrates.

Whenever you reach your gym, it is very important to keep your stomach empty.You should consume your meal 1 – 1.5 hour before your workout. It’s the worst thing you do when you have food in your stomach and you working out or doing cardio which causes breathing problems and it’s a bad practice. It’s important to get food digested and then to go to the gym. If you are not consuming any supplements before the workout, then you can have black coffee or green tea 20 min before your workout which activates your brain cells and increases your focus and concentration during exercise. So, caffeine can be very helpful before your exercise.
Now, let’s talk about post workout which is the recovery period. This period is a crucial time in which you need nutrient for IMMEDIATE recovery of your muscles. When you exercise your muscles get to break, and it take time to recover, it’s crucial to consume nutrient especially amino acid i.e. protein, which goes and settles inside your muscles and your muscle gets repair, so make sure your muscles get amino acids because Protein is the primary nutrient for the muscles after your workout is done. Protein can be whey protein if you are taking supplements or it can be egg white without yolk because yolk contains fat and fat will lower your absorption as mentioned earlier,  you need an immediate recovery of your muscles after your workout. So, when you consume egg while immediately after your workout your body will break them and recover your muscles just because it contains protein (amino acids) and at the same time to need to take glucose (like Gatorade or piece of fruit grapes, banana or apple) because you have to refill the glycogen you have been used or depleted from your muscles during your workout.

So, these are the things you need to take care of right away after your workout. Later when it comes to your main meal (Food meal) which is 1 hour after your workout( not immediate) is most important because you need to add all the vitamins and minerals in your meals. Like (chicken, brown rice, vegetables) or like (fish , sweet potato, vegetables) or ( Roti , chicken and salad) or you can have ( roti, paneer, salad) so like this you have to add all the nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fat (use of olive oil for cooking).These are the things you need to know about food meals 1 hour before and after the workout. So, when you are confused about what to eat during pre workout and post workout. Follow the meal as given below:

  • One hour before workout
Protein (egg white, carb) Green tea
  • Immediate after workout
Egg white, whey protein, fruits, glucose
  • One hour after the workout
Brown rice, roti, chicken, fish, salad, paneer

The above meal given is what you need to know having it before and after workout.[/fusion_text]




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