How to remove blackheads from Nose

Simple Steps To Remove Blackheads From Nose There are various causes of blackheads – irregular skin care, extreme consumption of junk food, but also hormonal...

3 Biggest Diet Myths that keep you Fat and Sick

We must accept that we have failed over and over again in losing weight, the reason being that 99% of dietitians and physicians are...

Manushi Chhillar’s two year old video is going viral

Medical student, CBSE topper, Kuchipudi dancer, poet, sports enthusiast and now a role model, recently titled Miss India World Manushi Chhillar, who got back...



Is wrapping food in a newspaper healthy? Here is what FSSAI report says

Roadside Wadapaav or Chhole-kulche served on a newspaper plate, bhelpuri or chana choor served in a newspaper cone, break pakoras served on newspaper plates--all of...
lose weight naturally

Lose Weight Naturally And Fast In Just Few Weeks

Tips how to lose weight naturally and fast In this article, you are going to learn what kind of food you have to eat and...
Top 13 Flat Belly Exercises with correct posturevideo

Top 13 Flat Belly Exercises with correct posture

Here are the top 13 Flat Belly Exercises with correct posture for them who wants to reduce their belly fat at home.    
does activated charcoal remove black heads

Does Activated Charcoal Really Remove Blackheads?

What is activated charcoal? Charcoal is nothing but actually carbon, which is formed when wood is heated at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen....
Benefits of olive oil

Benefits Of Olive Oil | Reason Why Olive Oil Good For Health

Here are Some Benefits of Olive Oil Olive oil is the best oil in the world. You can use it in cooking, dressing baking and...

Does Protein Cause Hair Fall? | Facts About Protein

Does protein cause hair fall? This blog is to burst the various myth like excessive protein leads to hair loss or hair gets affected by...


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